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EP Cyclists Wellness on Wheels (WOW) Program

By Yvonne Soto, 02/28/17, 11:30PM MST


Fitness Reimbursement Program

EP Cyclists Wellness on Wheels (WOW) Program:
Do you have a Fitness Reimbursement Program with your Employer?
Become a member with EP Cyclists and have your Fitness Program with your health insurance at work reimburse you for your membership.

The Fitness Reimbursement Program is simple. You just pay for your EP Cyclists  membership expenses as you would normally. In most cases you simply file a claim with a copy of your EPC receipt, which our EP Cyclists Board of Director Treasuries Jaime and Norma Huerta can provide you with and you're reimbursed for eligible Fitness expenses. 
So bring us your form if you need one filled out or submit your receipt with your claim form and get reimbursed. Consult with your Health Insurance Provider for more information.
EP Cyclists Wellness on Wheels (WOW)