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El Paso Teen Cyclist Hit by Car!

By EP Cyclists, 12/30/16, 3:30PM MST


El Paso Teen Cyclist Hit by Car!
On the morning of Christmas Eve, Laura Rodriguez-Tellez (Laurita) took part in a routine cycling training ride. She was one of four cyclists training along a low traffic road in Northeast El Paso that lead into Chaparral, New México. As they trained along their route, Laura's father drove his vehicle behind the group providing support and protection from traffic.  Unexpectively, a rushing car came upon the cyclists and ran into Laura as she led the group. 

Laura was rushed in critical condition by ambulance to University Medical Center where she was found to have a shattered T12 vertebrae, road rash along her thighs, forearms, shoulders, neck, chin, face, cheek and forehead. She received stitches above her eye, forehead, her cheek and part of her chin.  On the morning of December 27th, Laura underwent back surgery where she had a titanium plate that was fused to her spine. Doctors have reported she may require additional surgery for her back and plastic surgery to reconstruct her chin. Laura will require physical therapy in order to walk again.

Laura is scholar and athlete at Del Valle High School, where she practiced 1-2 hours before school for volleyball and 1 hour after school on her bicycle trainer daily. In addition she competed on her high school teams in swimming, basketball and track. Laura is in the gifted and talented school program and was recently accepted into the school district STEM Program. 

Laura and her family  need funds to survive the coming year. Not only will they need assistance with medical bills, but it's important that Laura be allowed to heal her body and spirit without the additional burden of financial need.  

We appreciate any amount of gift you are able to extend to Laura.  As she moves from this difficult time toward a full recovery, we ask for your generosity, your prayers and good wishes.